Everrest Shine Sdn Bhd incorporated on 20th October 2019. Nature of Business for Everrest Shine will be act as wholesaler and retailer for healthcare products and cosmetics. We also play major role in importing and exporting  items. We introduced our own healthcare products such as Shikakai Shampoo, Shikakai Powder, Stevia Sweetener, Shikakai Body Gel, Herbal Juices (Amla, Vallarai & Triphala), White Sesame Cooking Oil and many more. Due to health conscious population we received tremendous support through our existing and new customers

Our Vision

To create and promote healthy life knowledge and products for everyone through organic senses

Our Mission

To inspire healthier communities by connecting people through authentic organic products

  • E – Everrest Shines success comes from customers satisfaction
  • V – Very committed to our task by giving and producing authentic herbs health product
  • E – Efficiently address the challenges of changing market as a team without compromise on quality
  • R – Responsible to develop quality of healthcare products through Science-based evidence
  • R – Raising value to our stakeholders and owners while delivering safe and high-value products
  • E – Enable us to achieve our Vision & Mision and be a leader in the market place
  • S – Success without teamwork won’t sustain forever and our employees are pillar of our success
  • T – Tagline For us “ Care with Nature’s Touch”

Director’s Welcome Note

EVERREST SHINE products has the passion for helping people & humanity with the blessings of herbs and nature. Over the past, we have established a strategic position in herbs and health care products, body care products, skin care products, hair care products, personal care products and even cooking care products under banner of EVERREST through strategic marketing plan and certified manufacturing arrangements. Our products have substantially increased their visibility in several market segments such as at Cash & Carry Store, Mini Markets, Super Markets, International Brand Hypermarkets and recently at online shopping portals for our customers convenience. We will continuously working on to expand our market segments. We operate our business with the highest integrity. We will be honest and truthful in all our dealings with customers and make sure our customers delighted with our products. We consistently improve our brand image through intensive research, teamwork discussion, leading-edge technology and consumer surveys to offer top qualities products. We are confident that EVERREST SHINE will achieved its mission soon.Thank You for being a part of us.

Everrest Shine Sdn Bhd


Marking of “Made in Malaysia” for industry began in 1997 as one of the Government’s initiative to encourage people prioritize Malaysian goods, due to the economic downturn suffered by the country back then. Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) was appointed as the secretariat “Buy Malaysian Goods Campaign.” This is one of the component of the campaign approach by the industry itself to enhance Malaysian interest to consume Malaysian products offered in market.